About Us

An affiliated company of The Gown Warehouse, Superclick Studio is a beautiful and affordable photoshoot space for couples, families, and companies. With photoshoot equipment, natural light and unique props, this photo studio can be used for all types of photography. A studio space with endless possibilities, we conceptualise and curate set designs to click your happy memories.


Our photographer Tommy absolutely loves what he does.

He stumbled onto photography 8 years ago quite by accident – taking pictures of his friends and families, upon picking up his first camera, it was love at first click

He has learned to see photography as more than just an art form – but as the art of observation – finding something beautiful in an ordinary place.

More importantly, ┬ápeople are the reason that he does what I does – because usually, each family that he meets, each couple that he photographs, become friends. Friends whose unique personalities he had the honor of capturing- each smile, each tear, the quiet, private moments, the space filled with laughter.


Our 2000 SQFT space support photographers, creative agencies, production companies, and just about anyone who enjoys extra space with good energy.

Located at Kallang Pudding Road, our space has a lot of natural light from its floor to ceiling, the studio is modernized to optimize the space.

The creative studio boasts a comfortable lounge, work table, basin, a hair-and-makeup station with changing room, and a full list of grip and expendables.

Established to lend warmth and intimacy, the studio is designed for clients to unleash cyour creativity and meet your photo production needs.